6.18.2020 | Matthew 6:7-15 | The Lord’s Prayer

6.18.2020 | Matthew 6:7-15 | The Lord’s Prayer 

Imagine hearing the Lord’s Prayer for the first time while listening to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. What new insights does it stir in you? How does it fit in with Jesus’ messages about reconciliation, “right relationship,” trust in God, and building God’s Kingdom on earth? 

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6.17.2020 | Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 | Public and Private Appearances

6.17.2020 | Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 

In today’s Gospel, Jesus calls us to act from a place of intentionality rather than of performance. How might you be invited to reflect on the intention that fuels your giving, prayer, appearance, and sense of righteousness? 

How does a fear of judgment prevent you from doing what you believe to be right? 

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6.16.2020 | Matthew 5:43-48 | Love Your Enemies

6.16.2020 | Matthew 5:43-48 | Love Your Enemies

What does it look to grow towards “Right Relationship” with your enemy? How can you take a step forward toward empathizing with those that disagree with you? 

What does it say about God that Jesus calls us to love our enemies? 

How might you ask God to help you overcome the barriers that prevent you from finding pathways toward forgiveness and reconciliation? 

Music: “The Ants Built a City on His Chest” by Doctor Turtle found on freemusicarchive.org

6.15.2020 | Matthew 5:38-42

6.15.2020 | Matthew 5:38-42 

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek, to give someone the cloak off our backs, and to give away more than we are asked for. How do these words affect you today and how are you called to respond? Perhaps you are being called to listen to the pain of others better. Perhaps to be moved by compassion and empathy when you are hurt by another. What is God calling you to today?

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6.14.2020 | The Body and Blood of Christ | John 6:51-58

6.14.2020 | The Body and Blood of Christ | John 6:51-58 

Jesus says, “Eat my flesh and drink my blood.” How does this shocking statement hit you as you listen? What could it possibly mean for you to find eternal life through him? How are you being called to be Jesus’ body for others so that they might find life as well? 

Music: “Know No No-Nos” and “Which That is This” by Doctor Turtle found on freemusicarchive.org

6.13.2020 | Matthew 5:33-37

6.13.2020 | Matthew 5:33-37 

Jesus tells us to let our “Yes” mean “Yes” and our “No” mean “No.” How are you living your life with integrity? How do your actions align with the person that you profess to be? How might you be called to live with more authenticity? 

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Music: “Sunset” by Kai Engel
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6.12.2020 | Matthew 5:27-32

6.12.2020 | Matthew 5:27-32 

In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks about adultery, divorce, and sin. How are you invited into developing “Right Relationships” with others that authentically recognize the value and worth of every person involved? How are you called to do this on a personal level? How are called to build a society rooted in Right Relationship? 

Music: “Behind Your Window” and “April” by Kai Engel
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6.11.2020 | Matthew 5:20-26

6.11.2020 | Matthew 5:20-26

In today’s Gospel, Jesus warns us about the dangers of holding grudges and holding onto anger. What does it mean for you to build a life rooted in radical reconciliation? How are you being called to build a world more rooted in right relationship, love, and peace?

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6.10.2020 | Matthew 5:17-19

6.10.2020 | Matthew 5:17-19 

If you think of the law and the prophets as God’s past communication with God’s people, what does it mean for Jesus to be the fulfillment of that communication? How do I see myself participating in that fulfillment of God’s work on earth? What does it mean to me to build God’s Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now? 

Music: “Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Wife” and “Dead From the Beginning Alive Til the End” by Doctor Turtle
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6.9.2020 | Matthew 5:13-16

6.9.2020 | Matthew 5:13-16

As we continue listening to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount we are reminded of the great gift, power, and responsibility that we have to serve the world. How are you afraid to share the skills and gifts that you have been given? How are you being invited to use those as tools to build a better world?

Music: “The Ants Built a City On His Chest” by Doctor Turtle
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