7.26.2020 | Matthew 13:44-46

Welcome back to Blessed Imagination and thank you for sticking with me! 
In today’s Gospel, Jesus offers us two parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. First, imagine yourself finding a treasure in a field, selling all that you have, and buying that field. Second, imagine that you have been searching for the finest pearl for many years and suddenly you find it in the market; you offer all that you have in order to buy this priceless pearl. 

How do these parables connect with the Kingdom of Heaven to you? How are you being invited to pour all that you have and all that you are into your relationship with God in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven, both here and now, and in the eternal? 

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Blessed Imagination Returns Sunday, July 26th!

Thank you for your continued support of the Blessed Imagination podcast! In my last episode I had said that I was going on a short hiatus because I was getting married and I had hoped that I would be returning shortly after the weekend of July 4th. But, amidst all of the wonderful wedding celebrating, family visiting, and being intentional with my time in this first month of marriage, the podcast slipped off my radar a bit.

However, I am happy to announce the return of Blessed Imagination — the next episode will be dropping this coming Sunday, July 26th! We’ll be spending some time exploring Jesus’ parables about the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 13. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

As always, please let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback about Blessed Imagination. I’m always looking for ways to make it more helpful for you, the listeners.

6.25.2020 | Matthew 7:21-29 | Build Your House on Rock

In today’s Gospel, Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount by reminding us that we must act in a way that genuinely reflects the will of God, rather than in a way that simply does lip service to Jesus and his teachings. How do your actions genuinely work to build of a strong foundation for the Kingdom of God here on earth? 

As you take the Sermon on the Mount as a whole, how has Jesus been inviting you grow in a new and particular way? How are you being invited to take a new action that makes the Kingdom of Heaven present in the here and now?

Music: “Acoustic Meditation 2” by audionautix.com

6.24.2020 | Luke 1:57-66, 80 | The Birth of John the Baptist

Imagine yourself as Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary, as she prepares for the birth of her son. You and your husband have been visited by the angel Gabriel, your husband has been rendered mute, and you know that the rest of your relatives won’t be happy that you’re naming your child, “John.” What does it feel like to stand up for what God calls you to in your community? What is it like to feel God’s blessing and to see your husband unmuted? How do you imagine a big future for your little one, for your family, and for the world?

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6.23.2020 | Matthew 7:6, 12-14 | Do Unto Others

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us that many of our actions have natural consequences. This is especially true when it comes to the ways that we treat others as he says, “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” When we fail to respect the full dignity and value of another, why would they respond with anything but unkindness in response? How are you being called to care for others better today?

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6.21.2020 | Matthew 10:26-33 | Do Not Fear Anyone

In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks to the Twelve as he sends them out on mission to tell the good news. As you put yourselves in their shoes, what is it like to hear Jesus tell you not to be afraid? To remind you that God sees you and cares for you always? 

What fears do you bring to Jesus today?

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Music: “Yearning” by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com

6.20.2020 | Luke 2:41-51 | Joseph and Mary Search for Jesus in Jerusalem

Put yourself in the role of Mary or Joseph. You have enjoyed the experience of Passover in Jerusalem, but now, after traveling a full day back towards Nazareth, you realize Jesus is not with you. What feelings do you encounter as you rush back to the city to look for him? What goes through your mind as you find him having meaningful conversations with the religious leaders in the Temple? 

Music: “Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Wife” by Doctor Turtle

6.19.2020 | Matthew 11:25-30 | My Yoke is Light

After a string of failures to convince others of his message, Jesus rejoices in his relationship with you in today’s Gospel. He goes on to say that he is offering easy burdens and a light yoke. What does it mean to you to entrust your burdens to him? How does your relationship with him mean less stress, worry, frustration, and anxiety?

How are you being called to lighten the burdens of others who are struggling and suffering? 

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