Welcome to Blessed Imagination! Blessed Imagination is a daily meditation podcast meant to help you grow closer to God by using your imagination to enter a different Gospel scene each day.

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7.26.2020 | Matthew 13:44-46

Welcome back to Blessed Imagination and thank you for sticking with me! In today’s Gospel, Jesus offers us two parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. First, imagine yourself finding a treasure in a field, selling all that you have, and buying that field. Second, imagine that you have been searching for the finest pearl for many […]

Blessed Imagination Returns Sunday, July 26th!

Thank you for your continued support of the Blessed Imagination podcast! In my last episode I had said that I was going on a short hiatus because I was getting married and I had hoped that I would be returning shortly after the weekend of July 4th. But, amidst all of the wonderful wedding celebrating, […]

6.26.2020 | Blessed Imagination on Break

Hello Friends, I am getting married this weekend and will be taking a break from Blessed Imagination until after the July 4th holiday. Hope to see you back here in July!  Don’t forget you can always find me at BlessedImagination.com!

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